Atmosphere One (2008)

Sheet Music

Instrumentation:  solo amplified violin and quadraphonic digital playback

Duration:  9 min.

Premiere:  5/3/2008, Griswold Hall, Peabody Conservatory; Vieen Leung, violin

Program Notes:

        This piece uses three main elements - recorded piano sounds, recorded violin sounds, and amplified live violin.  I recorded my violinist friend, David Liu, doing slow chromatic scales of various playing techniques - pizzicato, sul ponticello, molto vibrato, senza vibrato. I played and recorded the chords and various low register notes on the piano.  These recorded sounds were then pieced together in a quad mix in ProTools with various effects, to mention a few - delays, reverbs, and a moogerfooger phaser plug-in. The goal of this piece was to combine my two areas of concentration while studying at Peabody - recording arts and sciences and music composition.


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