Civilization V - All Available Base Game Scores*


Civilization V - All Available Base Game Scores*


Official PDF orchestral study score from the original soundtrack of Sid Meier's Civilization V.  

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*IMPORTANT NOTE: Not all of the leader music in the Civilization V base game was recorded by live orchestra. Scores are currently only available from the pieces that were recorded by live orchestra and include the following: 

  1. Opening Movie Music
  2. Civilization V Theme
  3. Alexander Peace
  4. Askia Peace
  5. Askia War
  6. Bismarck Peace
  7. Bismarck War
  8. Caesar Peace
  9. Caesar War
  10. Catherine Peace
  11. Catherine War
  12. Elizabeth Peace (for updated version, please go here.)
  13. Gandhi Peace
  14. Gandhi War
  15. Genghis Khan Peace
  16. Napoleon Peace
  17. Napoleon War
  18. Oda Nobunaga War
  19. Ramesses II War
  20. Harun al-Rashid Peace
  21. Washington Peace
  22. Washington War
  23. Wu Zetian Peace 

If you are interested in a score not listed, please submit a request through the contact form here. With enough demand, I may be able to prepare a score for what you are looking for.

Delivered as a 8.5x11 inches PDF. Requires Adobe Reader or similar for viewing.