Praise for the Sid Meier's Civilization VI Soundtrack

The real magic happens past the menu screen, however, where each and every civ has a main theme that grows more complex and epic as you progress through the ages.

Simply put, it’s incredible.
— PC Gamer
And the music; goodness gracious the music...Civ 6 features the most complete and consistently catchy soundtrack of any game in the series. The manner in which each civilization’s signature tune riffs off a central theme and builds in complexity as the eras roll past to become more sophisticated, layered tracks is stunning. It’s also telling you something as it plays.
I must give a shout-out to the music, which is pleasant, varied, and tone-appropriate background for world conquest.
A particular treat are the different musical themes for each individual civilisation, from soaring strings to sombre harpsichord motifs.
— Trusted Reviews
A soundtrack that moves through the time periods along with your civ is icing on a delicious cake.
— Rock, Paper, Shotgun
The soundtrack is amazing. Every civilization has their own unique theme that rings out while you’re playing and that theme evolves as you transition across each era. The music also dynamically mixes as you meet new civilizations, giving each game its own aural fingerprint.
— USgamer
The sound and music of Civilization 6 are also tremendous.
— The Nerd Stash
Music is also a highlight. In-game music evolves each nation’s theme as the game progresses to become more epic as you advance through the ages. It’s enchanting...
— The Sixth Axis
Music is always good in Civilization games, and it’s no different this time around. Culturally appropriate music cues and era-specific tunes create a nice sense of time and place.
— GameCrate
Civ 6’s soundtrack is similarly seamless. Each track folds over the next as you progress through the ages, and each one represents different styles, eras, and cultures. The tracks are like pages in a book—all one part of the whole after another and another.
— Ars Technica
Another subtle yet impressive feature of Civ VI is its soundtrack...The music reflects the state of the world, mirroring the evolution of your empire as you enter new eras. The CIV VI soundtrack has become one of my favourite video game soundtracks of all time...and excels in making the gameplay more immersive and helping you to feel as if the world really is growing before you.
— Press Start Australia