Grandma and Grandpa's Music Box (2010)

Sheet Music

Instrumentation: 2 violins, clarinet in A, cello, toy piano

Duration: 5 min.  

Premiere:  August 29, 2010, Central Presbyterian Church, Towson, MD

Program Notes:

       My grandparents have a little windup music box that has entertained me ever since my first childhood visits to their house in Newington, CT.  It's not really fancy or especially impressive.  Its simplicity is what I find captivating - turn the windup key and peer down onto all the little moving mechanisms as they play the tune.  It's fascinating.  

       This piece takes that music box tune as its inspiration.  It is a nostalgic reminder of my childhood past, a thank you to my loving and supportive Grandma and Grandpa, and embrace of the childlike qualities that yet live on in (hopefully) all of us.  


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